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Prerequisites for ExCEL

  • Involved in THREE (3) extra-curricular activities;
  • Produced separate reports for each activity involved in;
  • The reports have been reviewed and verified by the Academic Advisor (AA);
  • Obtained approval from the AA to enroll in the ExCEL course.

Student Responsibilities

  • Choose any THREE (3) extra-curricular activities in the MyUTM system;
  • Report each chosen activities separately in the eportfolio system https://eportfolio.utm.my;
  • Upload the link of the activities report in the eportfolio system to the MyUTM system and submit to the AA for review and verification;
  • Scan QR code below to the guidelines for report preparation through eportfolio and report submission through MyUTM or follow this link https://eportfolio.utm.my/user/utmileague/panduan-laporan-aktiviti


  • Receive an email notification once the activities report has been reviewed and verified or returned (for amendment purposes if applicable);
  • Resubmit the returned activities report to the AA (if applicable) after amendments have been made;
  • Receive an email notification that confirms the eligibility of enrolling in the ExCEL course after all THREE (3) activities reports have been verified.

What is ExCEL?

ExCEL is a University general course designed to recognize students’ engagement in extra-curricular activities. Indirectly, this course will encourage students to better appreciate the learning process that occurs through the extra-curricular activities. This course utilizes experiential learning, self-reflection and case study approaches in its process of learning and teaching.

The ExCEL course is implemented starting with students’ intake of the 2018/2019 session for all Bachelor’s Degree programme curriculum using UKQE 3001 as the course code. For students’ intake of session  2019/2020 onwards, the course code used is UKQT 3001. The course is offered in the Bachelor’s Degree programme curriculum at any semester between the fifth and the eighth.



What are Extra-Curricular Activities?

  • Activities performed by students that fall outside the realm of formal learning without assessment and with no credits given;
  • Consists of activities that are organized by Faculty/Club/Association/College/external agency or the students themselves;
  • Does not include activities that are conducted within courses that are part of an academic programme curriculum;
  • If activities are conducted within courses that are part of an academic programme curriculum,  the activities are only considered as extra-curricular for students who are not enrolled in the course.

Activities Report

  • The extra-curricular activities report should be prepared using eportfolio system.
  • The activities report consists of the following components :

1. Activities information consists of :

Programme information consists of:

  1. Date
  2. Venue
  3. Organizer

2. Graduate Attributes

listing the attributes that are related to the activities conducted. The UTM Graduate Attributes are as follows :


1. Communication Skills;

2. Thinking Skills;

3. Scholarship;

4. Leadership and Teamworking Skills;

5. Adaptability;

6. Global Citizen;

7. Enterprising Skills.


3. Position / Role in the Activities

Students need to explain their position and role in the activities conducted, whether as a committee member or as a participant only.

4. Mini Report (minimum 150 words)

  1. Justification in joining the activities;
  2. The Graduate Attributes that are focused on;
  3. Content of the activities.

5. Self-Reflection (minimum 150 words)

  1. Impact of the activities on the development of the students’ Graduate Attributes;
  2. Self strength/advantage towards the activities;
  3. Challenges and how to overcome.

6. Certificate / Photo / Video

Uploading the evidence of participation in the activities.

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Submitting Report for Academic Advisor Verification

All completed activities reports must be submitted to the Academic Advisor for review and verification through MyUTM system.

Guidelines for ExCEL Prerequisite - English Version


Guidelines for ExCEL Prerequisite - Malay Version