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An E-Portfolio is a system in which learners can record evidence of their learning, e.g. essays, artwork, certificates, reflections or other such things they produce that can be stored digitally.


How to Use UTM My ePortfolio: Step-by-Step

Introduction to E-Portfolio Step 1: How to Login Step 2: How to edit your Profile
Step 3: Create the Reflection and Plan Step 4: Create the E-Portfolio Page Step 5: Create the Collection and Share


New update

  • MAHARA MOBILE - Android Apps on Google Play. Mahara Mobile allows you to collect your evidence on your mobile device and also when you are offline. You can then upload it to Mahara and put into your portfolios. Install Mahara Mobile Apps --> Click "Paste in access token" button --> To get the access token, go to your portfolio site in a web browser. Then click on "Setting" and from Setting page, click on "Apps". Then click the "Generate" button.
  • Attachments on RESUME fields and text boxes/notes. To view RESUME at MyUTM portal, please log in to, go to MyProfile --> click "Slip" tab --> click "CURRICULUM VITAE (CV)" button. Please make sure set your RESUME page for public access.
  • Drag portfolio pages into a COLLECTION (Go to Portfolio --> Collections).
  • Embedding PDFs on a page.
  • Drag and drop FILES into the files area.
  • Can upload the IMAGE directly to portfolio site using Android application (maharaDroid). Please see this guide.
  • MOBILE DEVICE detection when browsing e-portfolio site.
  • Can send MESSAGE to multiple people.
  • Tags on all internal ARTEFACTS.
  • Can embed code from UTMOTION ( using external media block.
  • Simple TEXT BLOCKS (converts non-fancy notes into simple text).
  • Can embed code document from SKYDRIVE at UTM student mail ( using external media block.
  • Can create SKINS as an individual user.

  • --> Watch this video demonstrating the page skin feature.


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