INFO: Procedures to access the E-Portfolio Portal as follows:

Step 1: Go to UTM Main Portal (
Step 2: Click MyUTM menu and log on using ACID account
Step 3: Click E-PORTFOLIO menu

Welcome to E-Portfolio@UTM

The E-Portfolio provides a personal learning environment for recording and showcase evidence of achievement, managing development plans, set goals, and create online learning communities.

How to Use E-Portfolio: Step-by-Step

Introduction to E-Portfolio Step 1: How to Login Step 2: How to edit your Profile
Step 3: Create the Reflection and Plan Step 4: Create the E-Portfolio Page Step 5: Create the Collection and Share

INFORMATION. Please read first..=)

NEW update

  • attachments on RESUME fields and text boxes/notes
  • drag portfolio pages into a COLLECTION (Go to Portfolio --> Collections)
  • embedding PDFs in a page
  • drag and drop FILES into the files area
  • can upload the IMAGE directly to portfolio site using android application (maharaDroid). Please see this video
  • mobile device detection when browsing e-portfolio site
  • can send messages to multiple people.
  • tags on all internal artefacts.
  • can create skins as an individual user.

  • --> Watch this video demonstrating the page skin feature.

  • can embed code from UTMotion ( using external media block.
  • simple text block (converts non-fancy notes into simple text).
  • can embed code document from SkyDrive at UTM student mail ( using external media block.


User Manual E-Portfolio System, you can refer here.

How to share your portfolio page?You can download here.


Develop your portfolio

Create your electronic portfolio in a flexible personal learning environment


Control your privacy

Share your achievements and development in a space you control


Find people and join groups

Engage with other people in discussion forums and collaborate with them in groups