About ePortfolio

E-Portfolio is an online compilation of documents that is flexible and is based on artifact evidences of which students are directly involved in a continuous reflection process towards their own learning, the progress of their achievement on knowledge, technical and generic skills as well as their personal, academic and career development planning.

Eportfolio provides a personal learning environment to record and showcase evidence of achievement, manage development plans, set goals, and create online learning communities

UTM is the first university in the country that has developed an e-Portfolio system for its student to record their academic progress and learning reflection. The project was started in 2005 as one of the tools to monitor and assess the acquirement of UTM Graduate Attributes among its students.

Some of the driving forces of introducing the e-Portfolio to the students are as follows:

  • to improve the students quality and accountability towards their own academic achievement
  • to encourage students to reflect, to think critically and to acquire the skills of integrating information and knowledge
  • to give added values to an effective learning culture
  • to share their work with potential employers
  • to inculcate the culture of writing and documenting information
  • to help students to recognize their own potential and skills in terms of knowledge, technical and generic
  • to help the University and the stakeholders to monitor students development from many aspects
  • to assist the academic progress and career development of the student
  • to be used as an instrument to assess the effectiveness of an academic programmed
  • to be used as a proof on student achievement as prescribed in the statement of programmed learning outcome


Benefits of ePortfolio?

  • Benefits to the students
    The development of the e-Portfolio has many benefits to the students: it increases their ability to understand what they have learnt; it allows them to understand their learning styles; and it provides opportunities for the students to reanalyzed, plan and take full accountability towards their learning. A study in the United States proved that students who developed their own portfolio obtained better academic achievement (CGPA) and more total number of credits compared to those without a portfolio. In addition to that, the students can also use the portfolio as a tool for their career development.
  • Benefits to the University
    The portfolio can be used by the Faculties as one of the sources to get feedbacks on the effectiveness of the curriculum or the academic programmed offered. The information can also be used to provide help to the students to increase their accountability towards their own learning. Apart from that, this portfolio can also be utilized as a tool to measure the Programme Learning Outcomes for the academic programmeds being offered. The University can also make use of the results from the feedbacks to improve the quality of teaching and learning in general.
  • Benefits to the stakeholders
    The stakeholders will be able to utilize the e-Portfolio for many purposes. For instance, with the student consent, parents, sponsors and potential employers will be able to identify the student learning development in terms of the academic, social, skills and career planning. They will also be able to see a sample of good work done by the students. In terms of auditing and accreditation purposes, the professional body and enforcement agency will also be able to observe the effectiveness of the academic programmeds offered by the University through the portfolios.