4. Student's Feedback

Compilation of some student's feedback, taken from e-PPP evaluation.

Math Methods 1 20182019

Good lecturer who giving us useful explanation (some very special and let us easier to understand the concept of math), exercises, and the speed of teaching is also quite suitable for students to digest the knowledge.

Numerical Methods 20182019

good lecturer that notice common mistake, not wasting time, release student when finished teaching, teach every detail

Numerical Methods 20182019

A very good lecturer who is good at delivering knowledge to her students. She is confident while teaching and teaches in a clear manner.

Numerical Methods 20182019

Best lecturer, easy to understand the topic based on the example shown and prior explanation on understanding the equation

Numerical Methods 20172018

Dr. Shazirawati is someone who has good teaching skills which are she can speak loudly and clearly without open her mouth too much. (2017/2018) - this is funny. hehe..

Numerical Methods 20182019

Best math lecturer ever! High quality teaching, can finish the syllabus in short time and at the same time able to make everyone understand.

Numerical Methods 20182019

mdm shazirawati is the best as she is punctual to the class, prepared with the teaching modules, and really care about the student. thank you mdm

Numerical Methods 20182019

the lecturer is so good and skillful in teaching. the notes given is very usable and understandable.

Numerical Methods 20182019

Can become role model for other lecturer.

Math Method 1 20172018

Dr.Shazirawati is extremely well in teaching maths without doubts. We are able to learn many things in her class. (20172018)

Differential Equations 20152016

Pensyarah yg saya amat suka.mengajar dengan teliti dan mudah difahami memberi peringatan dalam mistake pelajar biasa buat (2015/2016)

Numerical Methods 20182019

Very energetic and never fail to make students understand the topic. Always give the students the big picture of what we are about to learn and where are we going next. Always revising previous class before starting/continuing the class. Thank you Dr Shazirawati.

Numerical Methods 20182019

5 stars for you. A real pro.

Numerical Methods 20182019

I like to attend her class

Differential Equations 20172018

This lecturer is very kind to its student. I admire her and I want to be like her in the future. (2017/2018)

Math Method 1 20162017

you are always punctual, explained clearly, use time in class wisely, tests are always on time and i was grateful to be in your class.  (2016/2017)

Numerical Methods 20142015

very good teaching skill (2014/2015)


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